Monday, February 10, 2014

EmuPack News

I had a new release ready and raring to go last week but then some last minute updates and bugs cropped up and I cancelled the release until I could change a few more things to better the release since there prolly won't be another release for at least 6 months or more. An issue I found was with some of the SDL dll's being outdated causing the installer to be large than previously expected. I've been testing 1964's performance against Project64 and will probable replace it before this coming release. As well there have been several stable emulator releases that I want to solidify before continuing onward. I've added and modified code originally intended for 1.9.3 (2015) so that it won't affect the coming release. I've added an icon for Wonderswan to complete the iconset. I hope to get everything else together very soon to get this much needed release out the door.

Friday, December 21, 2012

EmuPack 2013

EmuPack 2013
Announcing the final version for EmuPack 2013.
EmuPack 2013 is an excellent upgrade from previous versions.

Download Links :
EmuPack 2013 Release Notes
EmuPack 2013 for x86
EmuPack 2013 for x64

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EmuPack 2013

Welcome to the new EmuPack blog.

If you're new to EmuPack, it is an InnoSetup installer script that I've written for a collection of emulators. Its main purpose is to put icons and file associations to different filetypes that each emulator supports. An emulator attempts to reproduce the inner workings of a video game console, allowing you to play roms, which are backup image files of game cartridges or media. This helps preserve classic gaming when the real consoles and games become harder to find. Additionally, EmuPack can now optionally add a Roms Library (Windows Vista/7/8 and can install an Icon in My Computer (Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

Lets not forget that EmuPack would not be possible without the many open source developers who contribute to the various emulators included with EmuPack. EmuPack is a non-profit project developed for educational and evaluation purposes.

More recently I've also been working on a frontend which will  show you a list of the emulators installed through EmuPack and helps you configure various file associations. Because many emulators offer SVN (Simple Version Numbering) builds that are compiled almost daily, EmuPack releases will also include fixes, enhancements and/or new features. The frontend will eventually serve as an easy way to keep your emulators up to date when new releases are made.